The lion was seen sitting in the bushes in the park, the rescue team was called, then people got angry after knowing what happened

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Three armed wildlife officers were called in Kenya after receiving reports of sightings of a stray lion, but soon they came to know about something that left everyone stunned. BBC According to reports, an employee working in a farm in Kinyana village, located just one kilometer away from Mount Kenya National Park, raised an alarm after seeing a lion outside his owner’s house. However, when 3 armed wildlife officers arrived at the scene, they soon discovered that instead of a deadly predator, there was actually a plastic bag filled with an avocado plant.

The BBC reported that the bag was kept in the enclosure by the owner to prevent the plant from drying out. The owner of the house was outside when the wildlife officials were called, leaving no one to tell him about the bag.

When the owner returned, he was told about the lion and advised to enter his house through the door on the opposite side of the building. He did not immediately attach the report to his bag containing the plant. The bag was discovered only because it was kept under a window, and upon opening the window, the officers found that the lion was not there.

Speaking to the BBC, Loyal chief Cyrus Mbiziwe said that although there had been no recent reports of starry lions in the area, residents complained that some of their cattle had disappeared. Therefore, the authorities took the incident very carefully and seriously.

“We first made sure everyone was safe, then wildlife officials checked and found it was a bag,” the chief said.

Meanwhile, despite the false information, the Kenya Wildlife Service said it commended the public for raising their voices to reduce potential conflict.

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