The lizard roaming on the walls of the house will run like this by pressing its tail, not with peacock feathers, know here

LifestyleThe lizard roaming on the walls of the house will run like...
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Lizard Home Remedies: Lizard has suffocated your nose and want to get rid of it, so try these methods. Lizards will not wander around too.

special things

  • This is how the lizard will run.
  • Will not be seen again.
  • Follow home remedies like this.
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Lizards Remedies: One or the other lizard is seen in every house. It is not a pet animal of the house, but its tricks are exactly like this. It is okay on the walls of the house, but when a lizard starts hanging on the roof, then people start sweating because of the fear of good things. Know here some such methods, with the help of which you will easily force this lizard to run away from the house by pressing its tail.

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Home remedies to get rid of lizards. Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Lizards

Onion and garlic will work

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Place or hang onions and garlic on the corners of the house where lizards are most visible. Apart from this, keep onion and garlic at the place where the fan gets direct air, so that their smell reaches the whole room. Lizards run away from the smell of onion and garlic.

egg shells

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The lizard also does not like the smell of eggshells. Because of this, wherever the smell of egg shells reaches, lizards will start running from there. In such a situation, it is beneficial to keep egg shells on the places of lizards.

pepper spray

You can buy pepper spray from the market or you can prepare pepper spray yourself at home. To make this spray, take some black peppercorns and crush them. Fill these in a spray bottle with water and spritz them on the walls. Sprinkling this spray wherever a lizard is seen, the lizard will run away and will not be seen again.

Cold water

Lizards like warm places. In such a situation, as soon as you see lizards, sprinkle cold water on them. Apart from this, drop the temperature of the AC of the room so that the room cools down and the lizards start running away.

These tips will also work

  • Get nets installed on the windows of the house so that lizards cannot come inside the house.
  • Lizards search for food items in the house, so throw away the useless and false food lying outside and do not let the utensils remain dirty in the sink for long.
  • Lemongrass is also effective in driving away lizards. That’s why keep lemongrass around the places of lizards.
  • Lizards lay their eggs in places where water is leaking. Take care that there is no accumulation of water anywhere in the house.
  • Try home remedies on the hiding places of lizards.

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