Jagran Correspondent Dhanbad: All the government schools in the district will now get the annual school grant amount based on the number of students studying in the school. Under this, 25 thousand to one lakh rupees will be provided to the schools depending on the number of students. In this regard, the Project Director of Jharkhand Education Project has issued a letter to Dhanbad and all other District Education Officers and District Education Superintendents of the state and directed them to provide funds to schools on the basis of student numbers. 1325 schools from class I to VIII of the district and 95 schools from class IX to XII will get development grant.

The category of schools will be decided on the basis of the number of students: The schools are divided into categories on the basis of the number of students to give the grant amount. In this, 10 thousand rupees to schools with one to 30 children enrolled, 25 thousand rupees to schools with the number of children between 31 and 100, 50 thousand rupees to schools with 101 to 250 children, and 251 to 1000 children. The number of schools will be given 75 thousand rupees, and the schools in which the number of students is more than one thousand, will be given an annual development grant of maximum one lakh rupees by the department.

The work of school development will be done with the grant amount: Under the development of the school, with the grant money, those items in the schools, which are needed urgently, will be repaired. These include work of damaged school essentials, repair of laboratory equipment, repair of computers, cleaning of toilets, essential educational materials, minor repairs of school building etc. There is a provision to spend 10 percent of the total amount of grant on repair and maintenance of toilets, ensuring the provision of drinking water and cleanliness of toilets.

Edited By: Deepak Kumar Pandey