The patient had a cardiac arrest in front of the doctor: the patient had come for a routine checkup; Life saved in few seconds by giving CPR

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A video of a doctor saving his life by giving CPR to a patient has surfaced. The incident is from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, where a patient had gone to the doctor for a routine checkup. While talking, the patient suffered a cardiac arrest and fell unconscious. Dr. Arjun Adnaik immediately gave pressure on the patient’s chest. Due to which he came to his senses within a few seconds.

Heart didn’t work so a pacemaker was put in
According to the reports, the heart of this patient was not working properly. She was fitted with a pacemaker 12 years ago. He reached Dr. Arjun for a routine check-up and a new pacemaker, but before that he suffered a cardiac arrest in the doctor’s cabin.

The whole incident was recorded in CCTV

The incident happened two days ago, but the whole matter was captured in CCTV. Rajya Sabha MP Dhananjay Mahadik has shared the video. In which it read, “This video is an example of a real life hero living among us. Dr. Arjun Adnaik, one of the best cardiologists in Kolhapur saved a patient’s life. I appreciate such honorable and virtuous heroes.”

Some people said – this is not proper CPR
Dr. Sharik Shamim, an interventional cardiologist living in the US, has written – I’m sorry, but nothing happens with such chest thumps. This is not CPR and has nothing to do with the person being conscious. Another user wrote, “The patient had an old pacemaker. Whose age is 14 years. During routine checkup it stopped working in front of doctor. The doctor had activated it just by thumping.”

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