Muzaffarabad (ANI). In Pakistan, the common man is badly stricken with the increase in the prices of gas and food items. Ghulam Kashmir is no exception to this. But now there is anger among the people about this against the Imran government. Talking to ANI, a person living in Ghulam Kashmir said that the situation in Muzaffarabad is very bad due to inflation. Life here has become like hell due to rising prices. The rate of inflation is increasing continuously. Due to this it has become difficult to manage the household expenses. This person also told that his friend has bought a gas cylinder for two and a half thousand rupees on Tuesday.

The rising prices of gas and food items are not only affecting the people of slave Kashmir, but people all over Pakistan are protesting against the government regarding this. The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is also continuously raising the issue of rising inflation in the country. Due to this, the problem of the government is also increasing. The parties involved in the PDM have even protested against the government through inflation marches in many places in view of the rising inflation in the country.

From the platform of PDM, the opposition is constantly telling the Imran Khan government to be negative. PDM is demanding that the government should announce general elections. Not only this, the opposition is also alleging that the Imran government is proceeding on completely wrong policies, due to which inflation is increasing. Another person from Muzaffarabad told ANI that PM Imran Khan had said that his government would give him jobs. But nothing like this happened. Life of common man has been filled with difficulties in Imran Khan government. The cost of everything is in seventh heaven. The prices of petrol, China, food items have become much higher than before.

These people also say that before the formation of his government, Imran Khan had said that he would give employment to the people. When this did not happen, he said on his return from Saudi Arabia last month that he would give financial help to all the unemployed. In the list of countries where the rate of inflation has increased the most, Pakistan is at number four. Unemployment is at its peak in the country

Edited By: Kamal Verma