The person mistook the real crocodile as a fake, a dangerous accident happened while taking a selfie

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A man mistook the real crocodile while roaming in a park. Just in this misunderstanding, the person mistook a real crocodile present there as plastic.

New Delhi:

Often times, such strange accidents happen to a person, which he does not even realize. Therefore, whenever anyone hears about these incidents, his senses fly away. A similar case has come to light from the Philippines. Where a person reached a park, he started roaming there. While roaming in the park, the person started watching everything carefully. Just in this misunderstanding, the person mistook a real crocodile present there as plastic.

According to a report, this incident is from Amaya View Amusement Park in Philippines. Where a man had gone for a walk in the park with his family on the occasion of his birthday. During this time, they also saw a pond in the park itself. That crocodile was sitting on the bank of this pond. Those people had a misunderstanding and they all started taking selfies with the crocodile present there.

The man started taking selfies with his family, the crocodile grabbed the man’s arm tightly, after which the whole family was blown away. The crocodile started dragging the person into the water. Seeing this scary sight, the whole family started shouting loudly. Well, as soon as the person freed himself from the crocodile, ran out of the water and fell on the ground.

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After a while, after hearing the noise, the park staff and other people reached there. But by then the crocodile had gone back into the water. The man was injured due to a crocodile bite. That’s why people got him admitted to a nearby hospital, currently his treatment is going on. The man’s family alleges that the park had not put up a warning board anywhere. It is obvious that in such a situation anyone can be deceived.


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