The story of city sethanis in Navratri: Both the idols of Bundelkhandi style adorned with gold and silver and diamonds worth Rs 5 crore, a silver chariot of 350 kg; 12 jawans in security

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After West Bengal, if you want to see the festival of Navratri, then come to Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. The two idols here have been adorned with more than 5 crore gold and silver, diamond, ruby ​​and emerald. The bindi and the nath are of diamonds and rubies. These are the idols of bullion Sunarhai and Nunhai. For their security, 12-12 armed guards are on duty in three shifts during 24 hours. Nunhai comes out in a running ceremony in a 350 kg silver chariot. The city is called Sethaniyan because of the ornaments of both the idols. Know about the jewelry of both the statues and the history behind it…

The idol of Sunarhai is installed in the bullion in the 156th year. According to Naveen Saraf, President of Shri Durga Utsav Committee Sunarhai No.-1, Sunarhai Maa is known by the name of Nagar Sethani. In the year 2020, due to Kovid, the statue could not be installed, but even then it was worshiped with a photo of him.

This statue is a symbol of national unity
This statue of Sunarhai is a symbol of national unity. According to the chairman of the committee, Naveen Saraf, before the partition of the country, around 1865-66, a Muslim family named Munir Ahmed used to live here. The mother of that family had unwavering faith. The family was also involved in the installation of the statue. Even today, a green cloth is applied behind the statue as a symbol of that family. After the partition of the country, this family went to Pakistan, but even today this tradition of national unity is preserved by this committee. Every year 15-20 lakh rupees are spent in the event.

The idol of Mother Sunarhai has been adorned with gems like 2.5 kg gold, 100 kg silver, diamond, ruby.

The idol of Mother Sunarhai is adorned with real jewelry
Sunarahai Maa is adorned with real gold and silver weapons and jewellery. Mother’s trishul, sword, umbrella, toran anklet etc. where more than 100 kg of silver has been used. On the other hand, 2.50 kg gold jewelery has been used in mother’s necklace, earrings, armband etc. Apart from this, his nose is made of diamond, while the bindi is made of ruby ​​and diamond.

Armed forces are deployed for the whole nine days, the crowd of devotees is eager to be captured in the camera.

All the ornaments of the idol are also of Bundelkhandi style. On the first day of every Shardiya Navratri, the idol of the mother is established and on Vijayadashami, the mother is immersed in the Hanumantal pond. The jewelery is taken off at the ghat and it is saved in the locker.

The statue of Nunhai is being installed for 152 years.  After Mysore, the second silver chariot is made in Jabalpur.

After Mysore, a silver chariot is made for the mother in Jabalpur
The statue of Nunhai at a distance of 50 meters in the street in front of Sunarhai is also being installed for 152 years. According to Vinit alias Pappu Soni, president of Nunhai Durgotsav Samiti, a silver chariot has been made for the mother in Jabalpur after Mysore. Made of 350 kg silver, this chariot is 30 feet long, 12 feet wide and 17 feet high.

The statue installed in Nunhai is also adorned in the Bundelkhandi style and accordingly with real gold and silver.

In this chariot only 5 silver lions have been made. Silver’s mother’s feet are padukas. There are gold necklaces, earrings and other jewelery around 4 kg. At the same time, the mother has been adorned with more than 50 kg of silver Bundelkhandi style jewellery. Here too, diamonds have been used in the nath, and diamonds and rubies have been used in the bindi.

Mother’s sari is hand-weaving
Four generations of members associated with the committee have been installing the statue of the mother. The idols are brought on the first day of Navratri. Then hand woven sari is worn. The jewelery offered in the adornment of the mother also bears the marks of many generations. A guard has also been put here for security. Mother is immersed in Hanumantal on Vijayadashami.

Navin Saraf, President of Sunarhai Durga Committee and Vinit alias Pappu Soni, President of Nunhai Durgostav Committee, told the history of both the city Sethanis.

Preparation for building a strong room
The committee is preparing to build a strong room to keep the jewels and chariots safe. According to Sharad Soni and Rajesh Panda associated with the committee, there is a wonderful view of Maha Aarti here in Saptami. The whole city is flocking to get a glimpse of both the statues.

This time 1500 idols are allowed
This time around 1500 statues have been installed in Jabalpur. Out of this, 93 are idols of Kali Maa. This figure is from the administration, who have been given permission.


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