The thieves who wrote the letter to the collector were caught!: Said – they entered the deputy collector’s house thinking of the collector, if only 4 thousand were found, then wrote in anger – why do you lock the collector..

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Dewas police arrested the accused of theft two days ago. These thieves are a little more special, because the discussion of this theft was more from the one letter that they had left than the stolen goods. When these thieves entered the Deputy Collector’s house to steal, their anger reached the seventh sky when they did not get much goods from the house.

In anger, the thieves took a paper from here and wrote on the way – When there was no money, the collector did not have to lock it. When the thieves were asked the reason for doing this, they said – We did not know the Deputy Collector. We read the collector and thought that we will get strong goods. When he got inside, he was disappointed. He did so in anger.

On Tuesday evening, the police caught both the accused who had robbed the official residence of Deputy Collector Trilochan Gaur in Dewas. Kundan son Narendra Thakur, resident of Bihariganj and Shubham alias Chhotu son Radheshyam Jaiswal resident of Bihariganj, who were arrested, told that another of his companions was involved in this. They named him as Prakash alias Bald. They told that they did not enter Prakash’s house to steal. Police have recovered four thousand rupees and a steel box from the accused.

A letter was written for not getting much goods
According to the police, the Deputy Collector is currently posted as SDM in Khategaon. He has a government residence in the Civil Lines of the city. That’s why his house was deserted for about 15 days. Seeing the collector on the board along with the empty house, the thought of giving a big hand to the thieves came. He thought that the collector’s house is there, he would get two lakh rupees. That’s why he had entered the house two days ago.

When the thieves searched the house, not much valuables were found. Some cash was found from his house. This angered the thieves. On the way, the thieves left behind a letter written by their hand. To write the letter, he had taken pen and paper from the SDM’s house itself. The theft was discovered when he returned home on October 8.

According to the police, 6 cases are registered against Kundan and 5 cases are registered against Shivam. The main gangster Prakash is a history sheeter of the police station and about a dozen cases have been registered against him. Thief Shubham says that he wrote the letter. The accused are addicted to drugs.


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