New York (UN). The condition of jailed Chinese citizen journalist and human rights activist Zhang Zhan is getting worse. In view of this, independent human rights experts of the United Nations have demanded his immediate release. He was arrested while reporting the corona epidemic. According to the information, Zhang is on a hunger strike against his arrest in jail, due to which his condition is getting worse. At present, he is said to be unable to walk. Human rights experts have described his life as a threat. Earlier, America has also demanded his release.

In a joint statement, independent human rights experts have warned that the Chinese government is not paying attention to what could have dire consequences. The Special Rapporteur has sought his release without any conditions along with providing him medical care. UN experts say the 38-year-old female journalist has been detained in Shanghai since May 2020. Let us tell you that the court has sentenced Zhang Zhan to four years in prison for causing trouble and quarreling.

Zhang was earlier arrested for sharing a video on the medium. During this, he had called the government’s efforts and behavior against Corona wrong. According to the UN Reporter, the government had accused him of spreading false information and creating a negative atmosphere about the country towards the spread of the corona epidemic. UN experts have expressed concern over Zhang’s arrest. These experts say that all this is very worrying. These experts also say that prima facie this matter is like withholding information. Zhang’s arrest is an act of retaliation.

Let us inform that Zhang had to be admitted to the prison hospital for about 11 days in July 2021 due to poor health. Here they were kept tied up and forcibly fed. It has also been said from the UN that as long as Zhang is in custody, it is the responsibility of the Chinese government to take full care of his health. Their better treatment is also the responsibility of the government.

Edited By: Kamal Verma