There can be serious consequences for stopping the toilet: Shy bladder syndrome can cause serious diseases, women have to be more careful

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There will be many of us who keep the toilet for a long time when we do not get a suitable place. People do this due to laziness or sometimes shame in the cold. But doing so can be very dangerous. This habit of yours can give rise to many diseases.

Most people are afraid of something or the other, which is also called phobia. Some are afraid of height, some to go into the water, or some are afraid of snakes. Apart from all this, some people are also afraid of going to the toilet. This is called Shy Bladder Syndrome. These people feel hesitant to use the toilet at any place other than their home.

This problem is seen more in women

People with this syndrome are afraid of using public restrooms, especially when other people are around them. Shy bladder syndrome is common in women, because most of the time women avoid going to the bathroom because of shame or dirty toilet, but this problem is also seen in men and children. According to a report by the International Paruresis Association, about 20 million people in the world are suffering from Shy Bladder Syndrome. These people also shy away from outdoor public gatherings, traveling or commuting to the market. This problem gets worse in winter. Due to the cold, some people avoid going to the toilet for a long time. This may sound like a small thing, but this problem can become the cause of many more serious diseases.

So let’s understand this syndrome and how to avoid it through pictures.


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