New Delhi, Auto Desk. The number of people buying second hand bikes has increased significantly since the coronavirus pandemic, as the pandemic has had a significant impact on people’s budgets. In such a situation, those who need a motorcycle and do not have the budget to buy a new motorcycle, they plan to buy a second hand two-wheeler. Today, through this news, we are going to tell you those 7 important things, which are very important to keep in mind while buying a used motorcycle.

branded company

Take the old two wheeler only from the branded company. Because the branded company provides you all the necessary documents of the vehicle, such as insurance, NOC, transfer certificate etc., on time, so that you do not have to face any problem after buying the vehicle.


Customers buy used two-wheeler vehicles because the prices are very attractive. There is no tax or depreciation on it. After this, the customer should also take care of what is the quality of the vehicle being purchased, how old, what is the brand value and what will be the availability of such two-wheeler. All these things should be kept in mind while preparing the budget.


Smart buyer is the one who does research before buying anything. Before buying a used motorcycle, it is very important to do online research through the Internet, so that you can get information about the actual price of that motorcycle and negotiate the price with the shopkeeper before buying. It is better if you buy a two-wheeler from the same brand which has good customer ratings or good reviews.

scam alert

Beware of frauds and scammers, as the used two-wheeler market in India is still very unorganized. Hence buyers should be aware and are advised to buy from institutional sellers rather than individual sellers or any unorganized street dealers.

home test ride

Before buying any vehicle, it is very important to check its quality by driving it. It also reveals other fine-tuning aspects such as ride comfort, on-road performance, mechanical performance of brakes and other parts. In this time of lockdown, two-wheeler companies are also doing home delivery and contactless delivery of bikes. Users should definitely take advantage of such offers.

paper verification

Before buying a second hand bike, it is important that all the relevant documents are checked. These include insurance, RC book, chassis number, date of manufacture and pollution certificate. Hypothecation certificate is also necessary in case of bikes taken on loan in the past. The verification done from the RTO by paying money will also tell whether there is any case of violation or not. In today’s time it is very easy to give duplicate copy of any document. But I advise the customers to take special care to avoid being cheated by the sellers.

Warranty, Time-Period

While deciding to buy a used bike, one should also check the warranty date and the validity of the exchange. Having such term and condition explained will help you to replace or return the two wheeler if you are unsatisfied with the quality.

Edited By: Atul Yadav