Moradabad, Jnn. When School College Open : Fifty percent of the curriculum of children in secondary and CBSE board schools had not yet been completed that Corona once again ruined the studies. All schools and colleges are closed and children are at home. In view of the fast pace of corona infection, there is no possibility of opening of schools and colleges. In such a situation, now the only option left is to study online. Due to this, the school management and officials are fully engaged in the preparation of online studies. No instructions have come yet regarding whether the examinations will be online or offline. However, the school management has made its preparations to conduct the examinations in both the ways.

There are 335 secondary and 50 CBSE board schools running in Amroha district, government, private and aided. In these, more than two lakh students are registered. For the last two years, all schools were closed due to corona infection and online education was being conducted in a chaotic manner. After controlling the corona infection, education was started in all the schools and colleges from the new session. Even fifty percent of the children’s course had not been completed yet, suddenly from the month of December, Corona gained momentum. All schools and colleges have been closed till January 16 for security reasons. On the other hand, the speed of Corona has increased further.

The figure of patients getting infected daily is staying around a hundred. Due to which there is no chance of the school opening in the future. As a result, parents are worried about the future of their children. DIOS Ramagya Kumar also told that due to corona infection, there is less chance of opening of the college. No guidelines have been received from the government yet. The complete course of the children will be done by studying online. Rahul Aggarwal, District Co-ordinator of CBSE Board said that even 50 percent syllabus has not been completed in schools yet. The decision to close the school has been taken in haste by the government.

GIC Principal Dinesh Chikara said that the corona infection is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, there is no possibility of opening of schools and colleges. The remaining courses of the children will be completed by running online classes on the WhatsApp group. Bhavna, a teacher at Sarvodaya Inter College, says that Corona has ruined the education of children for three years. We have already completed 80 percent course in our college. The rest of the course will be completed by teaching online to the children.

Parent Pradeep Bhatnagar said that the closure of the school due to corona infection will adversely affect the future of the children, but the government’s decision to close the school for the safety of the children is correct. There is nothing wrong with children reading online. Rajiv Kumar says that after the corona was controlled, the children were conscious of their studies, but then all the schools and colleges have been closed after the corona became active. Online education is just a joke. Due to which the future of the children is in danger.

Edited By: Samanvay Pandey