Noor Sultan, ANI: The reason behind the recent horrific violence in Kazakhstan and the opposition to the government was not anger over the increase in the price of LPG, but a conspiracy to seize power by creating unrest under its guise. The protest against the cost of liquefied petroleum gas started from the south-west region of the country and spread to other cities within a few hours. Most of the violence took place in the country’s largest city, Almaty. The entire country was prepared in advance to spread violence. This has come to light during the arrest and interrogation of those involved in the violence.

Designed to oppose inflation

Outline The biggest thing of this well-planned conspiracy was that to mislead the people, a plan was made to protest against inflation, as soon as people came out on the streets for it, attacks were started on government property. Government buildings were torched one after the other, government and private property was looted and government offices were occupied. Hospitals were also not spared from firing and arson. There was no mercy for the patients admitted there. By the time the government agencies could understand something, the situation in most of the cities of the country had become uncontrollable. The agitation and violence that began on January 2 in remote Zhanozhen and Aktau reached Almaty, thousands of kilometers away, in just two days. At the same pace the violence spread to other cities.

attempt to seize power through violence

Some people agitating against inflation did not even know the Kazakh language. But they were well equipped with weapons and well trained in handling them. He did his work with great planning and went ahead. The result of this was that in the initial phase, the police and security forces became helpless in front of them. After this, when President Kasim-Jomart Tokayev declared a state of emergency and called in Allied troops led by Russia, the situation began to come under control. After this, instructions were given to kill those involved in the violence without warning. More than ten thousand violent people were arrested. In the interrogation of the arrested people, it has come to know that in a country with a population of less than two crores, 20 thousand trained armed people had hatched a strategy to capture power through violence.

Edited By: Amit Singh