There will be no parking problem in PGI Chandigarh: Efforts to increase free shuttle and e-rickshaw service; Route display boards have been installed

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In Chandigarh and North region’s largest medical institute PGI, patients and their family members will now get some relief from the problem of parking. Because the PGI administration is working towards further strengthening the shuttle service. The authority has put up display boards at many places in PGI.

These include shuttle service routes. Routes from both the main gates of PGI to the different wings of the hospital are given. PGI is also expanding the service of free shuttle service and e-rickshaw. The problem of overcrowding of vehicles in the parking of various OPDs will be relieved to a great extent.

The free shuttle service plans to run vans every 10 minutes on various routes. Boards have also been put up regarding this service. Let us inform that more than 6 vans and 6 e-rickshaws are being run in PGI to serve the patients. Patients and their attendants can use these. This service is running from both the gates of PGI.

By putting up this board, patients and their attendants are being informed about the free service.

More than 10 thousand patients are reaching OPD daily

Please tell that the biggest problem for the patients and their family members coming to PGI is car parking. It takes about half an hour to leave the patient at the OPD entry and park the car. Vehicles showing patients in PGI are reaching in such large numbers that the parking space in PGI is getting less. Since the lifting of the restrictions of Corona, more than 10 thousand patients are reaching the general and special OPD of PGI every day. At the same time, about 12 thousand vehicles are entering PGI for parking.

Can’t give more area to parking

PGI says their institute has parking space for up to 3,500 vehicles in designated parking areas. On the contrary, double and more vehicles arrive. Increasing the parking space also did not solve the problem. Under the rules, more green area cannot be used for PGI parking. In such a situation, the vehicles are not able to park properly in the parking lot.

Let us tell you that some people in haste go to show the patient by putting a car in the no parking or even in the staff parking. PGI security staff constantly warns such drivers. According to the information received, PGI is also planning for temporary parking space. A demand has also been made from the Chandigarh Administration to provide multi-level parking space near PGI.

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