These 3 cities have become the new destination of billionaires from all over the world, know what is the reason

BusinessThese 3 cities have become the new destination of billionaires from all...
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Millionaires & Billionaires Migration Trend:: For a long time it is seen that millionaires and billionaires are moving towards countries like Singapore, Miami and Dubai.

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New Delhi:

Millionaires & Billionaires Migration Trend: It seems that billionaires around the world are no longer liking big cities like New York, Moscow, Beijing. This is the reason why they have now started building their new abode. BQ PRIME According to the report, Singapore, Miami and Dubai are becoming the new destination of billionaires. Yes, it has been seen for a long time that millionaires and billionaires are turning towards countries like Singapore, Miami and Dubai. These are the 3 cities where billionaires from all over the world are continuously shifting. However, it is not that only because of the beauty of these cities, beach and clean sea, it is becoming a favorite destination of billionaires, but there are many other reasons as well. So let us tell you about this in detail…

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Actually, after Kovid, the way of working has changed all over the world. The circumstances that arose during Kovid made it clear that work can be done comfortably even from a remote office. Now that the hindrance of work has been removed, what else do you want? After this, a city is needed where taxes are less, crime is less, facilities are more, infrastructure is there and along with it there are attractive views.

12% of billionaires left New York in the year 2022

According to a report, in the year 2022, 12% billionaires left New York, while 14% billionaires left Hong Kong. While the maximum number of billionaires i.e. 15% have left the city of Moscow. After which some billionaires are turning to Singapore and some to Dubai. After leaving these big cities, they are now shifting to Miami, Singapore and Dubai. One reason for this is also that these cities have kept the door open for the entry of these billionaires.

Singapore is giving attractive tax incentive and Golden Visa in Dubai

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Let us tell you that this city is also in the top 3 in terms of luxury property market. The biggest increase in the prices of real estate is being expected here. Apart from this, the governments are stable, the climate is excellent and the lifestyle is excellent. Apart from this, Singapore is giving you attractive tax incentives, then Dubai is giving Golden Visa. These cities themselves are inviting you. Provided that there should be crores of rupees in your bank account.

Miami-Dubai flight’s business class now full everyday

Ruchir Sharma, founder of Breakout Capital and chairman of Rockefeller International, writes in the Financial Times, ‘Capitalist cities are now coming closer to each other. I am told that business class on the Miami-Dubai flight is now full everyday. It is directly related to American entrepreneurs and the oil wealth of the Middle East. There are many other countries including Zimbabwe who want to repeat the success of Dubai.

This is the main reason for the migration of billionaires.

In New York, there is a simmering internal protest against the high tax rates and billionaires, due to which the migration of these rich is taking place from there. The impact of the Russia-Ukraine war in Moscow and pressure from government institutions in Beijing is forcing such people to leave the country.

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