New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Everyone wants to always look beautiful and keep their skin young. For this, people try everything from expensive to expensive products, treatments to home remedies. However, it is not necessary that everyone will benefit from these things. The skin is the outer part of our body, but still the most delicate organ. If it is not protected properly, it can cause serious damage.

Like any other part of the body, the quality, texture and health of the skin is affected with age. If the skin is taken care of from the beginning, then it can be kept healthy with age and premature wrinkles, fine lines and many other types of damage can be avoided.

These habits then reach the damage to the skin.

Do not change bed sheets and pillow covers

Due to hectic schedules, many people forget to change bed sheets and pillow covers. But did you know that dust mites, dead skin, and other particulate matter often get trapped on sheets and pillow covers over time? Sleeping on a bed sheet for several days can cause acne, rashes, burns, etc., which can lead to premature aging and damage to the skin.


There are many reasons to quit smoking, it harms the health badly and if this reason is not enough then you can also include skin damage in it. Skin health is related to your lifestyle habits. Smoking not only leads to premature aging, but it also makes the skin dry and lifeless, as well as causes hyper-pigmentation, dark lips.

not getting enough water and rest

A soft and supple skin is considered healthy. To achieve this, you need to keep the skin moisturized. Dry skin loses its texture, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, drink plenty of water throughout the day, so that the skin along with the body remains hydrated. Similarly, lack of sleep also affects the skin. Due to this the skin starts looking lifeless and there is swelling under the eyes. So try to get a good night’s sleep every day.

non-compliance with skin care

If the skin care routine is not followed properly or otherwise, it causes damage to the skin. For example, if you follow the skin care routine at night before sleeping sometimes, then it will not help you. The skin care routine not only has to be followed daily but also needs to be modified according to the season. For example, in winter, there is a need to moisturize more than in summer.

touching the skin too much

If you tend to break out pimples, stop doing so immediately. This not only causes scars, spots and wounds on the skin, but also premature aging of the skin. Also, do not use things like home remedies, nails, sharp tools to break the pimples. Also, touch the face at least.

Edited By: Ruhee Parvez