These changes in America decades later: 60% of girls enter colleges; To increase the number of boys, silent programs are being brought

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There is a strange gender imbalance in American colleges these days, but the change isn’t going to hurt. For every two students, there are three female students on campus. This has been revealed in the latest data of the National Student Clearinghouse. Experts believe that this is the most transformative trend of this era. Girl students have not only bridged the decades-old gender gap, but also outperformed college-going men in terms of numbers. Data from college registrations (spring-2021) suggests that this trend is not going to slow down.

This time looking at the total enrollment in colleges, 59.5% of them are girls and 40.5% are boys. This trend is not only unique to the US, but in 38 OECD (high-income industrialized) countries, women in the age group 25-34 are more likely to have a higher degree than men. Apart from this, women have also made gains in prestigious programs like law, medicine, masters and doctorates.

According to a study by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and Workforce, women have not fully benefited from this rising level of education. Their wages are still low compared to men. But now that women are getting more degrees than men. With workforce participation being equal, it is expected that in the future high-paying jobs will be adapted to women as they will be an influential part of the educated workforce. This will also bring a fundamental change in the economy.

The dominance of girls in the bodies: 59% President and 74% Vice President

Not just admission, women are leaving men behind in every sphere of college life. Douglas Shapiro, director of the National Student Clearinghouse, says, “In 2019-20, 59% of girls became presidents of student bodies, while their presence in the vice president position was 74%. In such a situation, to increase the number of male students, colleges are giving them priority in admission. silently implementing programs in their support. Like this time Boiler University gave 7% more admission to the students. Because the number of girl students there is more than 60%.


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