Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. There are many tourist places in India, which are perfect for a monsoon vacation. Especially, the beauty of these places increases during the rainy season. Greenery spreads all around. Also the weather becomes very pleasant. For this, a large number of tourists visit these places during the rainy season. If you are also planning for a monsoon vacation, then you can visit these beautiful places of the country. Let’s know-


If you want to go on monsoon vacation, then definitely go to Kasauli. The atmosphere here is very calm. At the same time, the crowd is also less. Kasauli is the perfect destination for this. Kasauli is the center of attraction for tourists. Especially, the beauty of Kasauli remains worth seeing during the rainy season.


The natural beauty of Kerala remains worth seeing during the rainy season. However, a large number of tourists visit Kerala every season. There are many perfect vacation destinations in Kerala. At the same time, during the monsoon days, Athirapally Waterfall can be seen at a distance of just 73 km from the city of Kochi.


During the rainy season, one can go to Darjeeling to celebrate the holiday. The city of Darjeeling was settled by the British. At that time the British used to go to Darjeeling for summer vacation. At present, tourists visit Darjeeling in every season. There are many spots to visit here. You can visit places like Japanese Temple, Tea Garden, Rock Garden etc.


Meghalaya is world famous for its rain. It is said that Meghalaya receives the highest rainfall. Currently, Masinram receives the most rainfall. Earlier, Cherrapunji had the highest rainfall. For this you can go to both the places. Along with this, you can also take a monsoon tour of the beautiful city of Shillong. During the rainy days, the beauty of Shillong is engulfed in four moons.

Edited By: Pravin Kumar