New York, IAS. The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) has announced a new set of rules from next season that will speed up the game and ensure consistency on the tennis court. If players take a medical time out or a toilet break, then the game is stopped.

As per the new rules, which will come into effect from the first tournament of the 2022 season, players will not be allowed toilet breaks of more than three minutes and can take a maximum of two minutes to change their attire. With competition getting tougher and players reportedly resorting to extended breaks to relieve their fatigue, this leads to absurd incidents on the court, sometimes upsetting rivals.

New list created

On Tuesday, the ATP listed a set of dos and don’ts for players and the maximum amount of time players can be off the court. Players will now be allowed to take a maximum of three minutes after entering the toilet, while they will be allowed to do so twice. In addition to a three-minute toilet break, two minutes have been given to change clothes. The ATP stated that the change of dress “may only be done in conjunction with the toilet brake unless authorized by the chair umpire.”

“A player may take only one toilet break per match,” the ATP said in a statement. A toilet break can only be taken during a set break and the violation will apply if a player does not prepare within the stipulated time. ” Regarding the medical time out, the ATP said that only three minutes of time out per match can be taken during a change or a set break.

Edited By: Vikash Gaur