With the arrival of winter, many problems also increase. Joint pain, headache, swelling of hands and feet and also problem of dandruff. So in today’s article, we have brought the solution of all these problems which are very effective. Know about them.

1, In winter, if your fingers and toes are very itchy, they become red and swollen, then heat mustard oil on it and apply it.

2, If you also have cracked feet in winter, do a pedicure two to three times a week. Do not let the dirt settle on the feet. Massage the feet with olive, mustard oil and cream. Mix one spoon of boric powder in glycerin and massage it on the cracked ankles and then wipe it with a cloth.

3, In winter, the problem of dandruff also increases a lot and due to dandruff, itching and rash start coming out, then the treatment is lemon. Mix lemon juice in water and wash your hair with it after shampooing.

4, Massage the entire body with mustard oil before taking a bath. This increases both vigor and brightness.

5, Cracked heels not only look bad but are also very painful, so filling of melted wax in them fills the cracks of the heels quickly.

6, In winters, facials should be done once a month. Due to this the facial muscles remain tight, there are no wrinkles and the face also glows.

7, Applying ground turmeric mixed with raw milk keeps the skin soft and also brightens the complexion. By the way, you can also use turmeric with gram flour, aloe vera. It is beneficial in every way.

8, By eating jaggery and black sesame laddus, the problem of recurrent cold and cough in winter can be kept away.

9, An effective solution to skin problems in winter is to take a bath with warm water mixed with salt.

10, While applying makeup in winter, use foundation instead of powder, it makes the face look beautiful.

Pic credit- pixabay

Edited By: Priyanka Singh