New Delhi, Auto Desk. Often, while buying a vehicle, we end up losing millions by considering many non-essential features as useful. Vehicle manufacturing companies provide many unnecessary features to make vehicles even more advanced, which are rarely used in real life, although you have to pay lakhs of rupees for these features. Know how


People often buy a slightly expensive car just for the love of a sunroof. However, that sunroof is rarely used in reality. Installing a sunroof also eliminates the headroom of the vehicle, while children take the head out of the sunroof which is risky. Cars with sunroofs are much more expensive than normal vehicles.

voice control system

Many advanced vehicles have a voice command system, which is used by very few people. Almost all the cars that come with the touch screen infotainment system get the voice command feature. While you might think voice commands are useful and convenient, they are also quite dangerous.

satellite navigation

Even in high-end luxury vehicles, passengers rely more on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for navigation than using built-in satellite navigation. This is the reason that these features also come under the category of non-essential features.

automatic seatbelt

Automatic seatbelts come in some advanced cars, which is the best in terms of safety, but its use in real life is negligible. Very few people always use this feature. Therefore, these features are also unnecessary for people.

Edited By: Atul Yadav