Leh ANI: The two-day traditional annual monastic festival of Buddhism ‘Thikse Guster’ concluded in Leh district on Tuesday. The festival began with a religious program, which was attended by hundreds of monks and devotees of the monastery. Monks dressed in traditional costumes, accompanied by religious instruments, began the festival with dancing and singing, conveying the message of the victory of good over evil. The ‘Thikse Guster’ festival is celebrated here in the ninth or tenth month of the Tibetan calendar.

what is gompa

Let us tell you that Thiksey Math or Gompa is 19 km from Leh district of Ladakh, Union Territory of India. It is situated on the banks of river Indus. This gompa is situated at an altitude of 3600 meters in the Indus Valley. It is the largest gompa in central Ladakh. A Buddhist monastery or building built in Tibetan style is called Gompa. The architecture of this monastery is very similar to the Potala Palace in Lhasa. The walls of the monastery are filled with stupas, sculptures, thangkas and old swords. About 100 Buddhist monks and nuns live in this monastery. Situated on a hill, this gompa is a beautiful example of Tibetan art.

What is the specialty of Thiksey Monastery

Inside the monastery is a 15 meters high bronze statue of Lord Maitreya Buddha, which can be seen from every floor of the monastery. This is the biggest statue in Ladakh. According to Buddhism, Maitreya is the successor of Lord Buddha and Maitreya Dev is still in heaven named Tushit. Maitreya Dev will take birth on earth to protect Dharma in future. That’s why Maitreya Dev is called the Buddha of the future. Maitreya Dev is described in detail in Buddhist texts.

Thiksey Guster is not a festival

Thiksey Khenpo Nwang Chamba Stanzin Rinpoche, head of the Thiksey Monastery, said that at this annual monastery festival, monks wear their traditional costumes and dance and sing to religious instruments. He said that the faces of the deities are covered with clothes throughout the year, which are opened to the devotees during the festival. Devotees who came to participate in the festival told that it is not a festival but it is a custom, which is going on since the time of Lord Buddha. He said that we have prayed to God that the corona epidemic should end at the earliest. He told that there was an atmosphere of great enthusiasm and happiness among the people who came to see the festival.

Edited By: Geetika Sharma