New Delhi, Auto Desk. Veteran car maker Apple is working on an all-electric self-driving car, which has been named Project Titan. Despite it being one of the most publicized automotive projects, details about it are scarce. However, a patently Apple report claims that Apple has modified one of its original original patent filings to introduce a technology that allows the car to interact with commands from Siri (Apple’s voice command system). Will work like iphone. The revised patent also mentions the updated autonomous driving technology.

The car will be equipped with many advanced features
This Apple car will connect to your iPhone. You will be able to run it with the Siri voice command given in the iPhone. This car will be equipped with many advanced features like Apple’s Siri voice command system. This Apple car will be able to do parking on its own by listening to voice commands. Also, it will be enabled to perform various tasks like getting it to the right place, which will bring great ease to the car owner.

Siri will be important

The patent claims that the vehicle’s navigation systems are really good at getting the driver closer to the destination. Now the patent has been updated so that the autonomous car can park itself in the resized parking lot where the owner wants to park it. This technological advancement will further enhance the autonomous driving capability of Apple Cars. In this, the voice-powered personal assistant system Siri will be very important.

How will this technology work?

Apple’s patent indicates that the car will receive signals via voice commands. Once that command is received, the car’s system enables the onboard cameras and sensors to detect the exact location and get there.

This car will be launched in 2025
The report claims that this original patent was filed in 2019, but it has been significantly updated recently. It also claims that Apple has completely scrapped its original patent filing and replaced it with a new one. While the launch date of Apple Car has not been disclosed by the tech giant. It is expected that this car can be launched sometime in 2025.

Edited By: Sarveshwar Pathak