Jagran Correspondent, Chandigarh. There is a street of mischief and a school of fun in the government school of Chandigarh. Here children have fun with mischief along with studies. All these facilities have been set up in the school by the Chandigarh Education Department for the children. In such a situation, children are being taught in sports. This new method of education has been started in the government school Dhanas.

Under the New Education Policy, children are studying in sports in Government Primary School RC-3 Dhanas. Chandigarh Education Department has started the fourth school in Dhanas in November 2021, which has been prepared for the students up to class V. In the other three schools of Dhanas, more students are being shifted to the new school.

An alley of mischief has been built along the main gate in the school. Inside this street, a special path has been prepared for the students to make their own balance. Along with this, special grooves have been installed for bending and climbing while playing. Paintings and paintings have been done on the walls to make children aware about animals and nature. Along with playing in this street, children get various types of information related to nature.

A school of fun built inside the school.

nursery children will study from playway

The playway method has been prepared in the school to conduct nursery class. For which the school of fun has been prepared. An interesting approach has been created to access Masti Ki Pathshala, where students will learn counting as they play. With this, after entering the school of fun, after doing nursery level, you will be able to learn studies in sports and games.

Special park being built in school

The Education Department is building a special park in this school to make the children sports and physically strong along with studies. The department has started this work with the help of voluntary organization Arpan. School teachers Munish and Navdeep Sharma told that there is a preparation to follow every rule of the New Education Policy in the school. The children are very happy with this kind of studies and they keep their mind in the school.

Edited By: Ankesh Thakur