Jagran Bureau, New Delhi. Due to Corona, meetings and rallies were already banned till January 15 in the assembly elections of five states including Uttar Pradesh, now preparations are on to increase it some more. Probably until the increase in corona cases stops. A decision on this will be taken in the meeting of the Election Commission on Saturday. Meanwhile, political parties have been given double the time to campaign on All India Radio and Doordarshan.

Till now, all national and state recognized parties were given at least 45 minutes for campaigning on All India Radio and Doordarshan, which has been increased to at least 90 minutes by the Election Commission this time. That is, every party will definitely get at least 90 minutes for campaigning. However, more time has been given to those parties whose political status was more in the last elections.

In this context, in Punjab, Congress has been given 456 minutes on both All India Radio and Doordarshan, while AAP has been given 315 minutes and BJP only 141 minutes. Similarly, in Uttar Pradesh, BJP has got 478 minutes on both the mediums, whereas Congress has been given 151 minutes and SP has been given 303 minutes. In Uttarakhand, BJP has been given 474 minutes and Congress 368 minutes.

Political parties will be able to reach their point of view

The commission believes that through this all political parties will be able to reach their point of view to the people. Also, there will be no harm due to the ban on rallies and meetings. According to the commission, political parties will be able to use the time fixed for campaigning on All India Radio and Doordarshan from the last date of filing of nomination papers till the end of campaigning.

During this, he will be able to broadcast his talk through local channels of All India Radio and Doordarshan. For this, he will have to get approval from the commission on his script. The commission has set strict rules for the content to be broadcast. It will not broadcast any material which will criticize any country, make any appeal or criticism on the basis of caste and religion, anything which is likely to incite violence or riot or will contain objectionable statements etc.

Edited By: Dhyanendra Singh Chauhan