Darbhanga. An international seminar was organized on Friday on the topics of universal teaching of Lord Buddha under the aegis of Sanskrit Department of Marwari College. In this, more than 50 professors and research scholars from various universities of India including Thailand, Mongolia, Cambodia, Burma, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Japan, USA, Canada, Indonesia etc. More than two hundred participants attended the webinar. Conducting the inaugural session, Dr. Vikas Singh, Head of Sanskrit Department of Marwari Mahavidyalaya, convener of this webinar said that this program focuses on the universal aspect of the teachings of Lord Buddha. There are 84000 teachings in Buddhism, in which God’s Anicha, Anatta, Ariyasaccha, Paticchasamuppada, Brahmavihara, Ahimsa, Madhyam Marga and Panchsheel are the main ones. Universal teachings are those that apply to all, regardless of religion, belief, practice, creed or belief, and seek their salvation from them. Human beings will be able to live with peace, joy and love if they apply the teachings of Lord Buddha in their lives.

The inaugural session was duly started according to the Theravada and Mahayana, both traditions of Buddhism. In this, according to the Theravada tradition, Bhikkhu Moriyar Buddha, a member of the Minorities Commission in the Tamil Nadu government, worshiped the Buddha and the Mahayana Buddha was worshiped by Lama Shanta Negi. Giving welcome address, Dr. Sunita Kumari, Head of Sociology Department of Marwari College said that all the teachings of Lord Buddha are exemplary.

enmity can only be ended

As the keynote speaker, Dean of Shramana Faculty of Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya, Varanasi, Prof. Ramesh Prasad said that Lord Buddha awakened the society in his 45 years for the welfare of the living beings. Continuously kept all those teachings among them for the welfare of the people, which led to their overall welfare. It is said that enmity can be ended only from the air. The Chair of the Department of Science and Technology of Thanh Research Institute, Vietnam, Prof. Nguyen Thi Thuy Ga said that no matter how strong one’s body is, if it is not internally strong then there is trouble. Therefore, by strengthening the mind through Vipassana, one should produce bodhichitta.

Mongolia will always be indebted to India

The Vice Chancellor of Mongolia’s Chhoi Luvsanjav University of Language and Culture, Prof. Uljit Luvsanjav said that a large number of texts related to Buddhism are being translated in Mongolia. Unless a person firmly accepts his ancient values, there is a lack of progressive growth in religion. Mongolia will always be indebted to India, because India made them Buddhist by introducing them to Lord Buddha. Dean of the Faculty of Languages ​​of Sri Lanka’s Buddhist and Pali University, Prof. Lenegal Sirinivas said that Buddha Darshan is beneficial for all beings of the world. Professor at JNU’s School of Sanskrit and Indic Studies. C Upendra Rao said that the contribution of Pali language to the development of Buddhism has been equally contributed by Sanskrit. Dr. RN Chaurasia, Head of Sanskrit Department of CM College gave vote of thanks in the program.


Edited By: Jagran