Tiger’s crematorium being built at Sariska: All tigers brought from Ranthambore finished; 6 out of 9 tigers have died

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The distance from Ranthambore to Sariska is only 165 kms. The forest area of ​​Ranthambore is 1334 square kilometer and that of Sariska is 881 square kilometer. Despite similar weather, similar forest and similar conditions, the tigers of Ranthambore do not like the forest of Sariska. This is the reason that since 2008, 6 out of 9 tigers and tigress shifted from Ranthambore to Sariska have died.

The age of Tiger is generally considered to be 18 to 20 years. But in Sariska, tigers sometimes died due to an overdose of tranquilizers and sometimes due to deep wounds. One tiger is still missing which has been presumed dead. There are now 24 tigers left in Sariska. There are 7 cubs, 7 male tigers and 10 tigresses. Let us know how the Sariska forest has become the crematorium of the tigers.

The death of tigress ST-3 Two days ago, tigress S-3 died in the Sariska Tiger Reserve Forest. This tigress was brought here from Ranthambore. So that the forest of Sariska is populated. This death again raised the question whether the tigers of Sariska Ranthambore did not like it. Four male tigers brought from Ranthambore to Sariska have already died. Out of 9 tigers who came from Ranthambore, 6 have died, out of which 4 were male tigers.

ST-4 died on 10 December 2018.

That is, now there is not a single match of Ranthambore in Tiger Sariska. Three tigress ST-2, ST-9 and ST-10 who came from Ranthambore are alive. Among them ST-2 is old. Tiger ST-1, ST-4, ST-6 and ST-16, who came from Ranthambore, have died. Tiger ST-3 and ST-5 have died. ST-5 is considered missing by the department for many years. Male Tiger ST-16 died in 2019.

which tiger was brought
ST 1 to 28 June 2008
ST2 on 4 July 2008
ST 3 25 February 2009
Note: All three were brought by air.

ST – 4 on 20 July 2010 ST – 5 on 28 July 2010 ST – 6 on 23 February 2011 was brought from Ghana in Bharatpur.

ST – 9 on 22 Jan 2013
ST 10 was introduced on 23rd January from 2013.
Note: All these had come by road.

Most powerful Tiger ST - Missing since 13th Jan.  It is believed that Tiger has died.

when did the tiger die
ST – 3 died on 21 June 2022
ST – 6 on 20 April 2022
ST – 1 on 14 November 2010
ST – 4 as on 10th December 2018
Tiger ST-16 died on 8 June 2019
Tigress ST – 5 missing for many years, means dead.
ST-4 died on 10 December 2018.

Now 24 tigers in Sariska
Now a total of 24 tigers and cubs are left in Sariska. Out of which 21 were born in Sariska, Alwar. Only 3 tigresses are brought from Ranthambore in Sariska. DFO Sudarshan Sharma told that the good news of giving a tigress cub is going to come soon. Then this number can increase. At present Sariska has 7 cubs, 7 tigers and 10 tigresses.

Sariska went tigerless in 2004
In the year 2004, all the tigers in Alwar’s Sariska Tiger Reserve were extinct. Tigers were hunted. After this, Tiger was shifted from Ranthambore here in the year 2008. A total of 9 tigers were shifted one by one. Because of this, the number of tigers in Sariska is 24 today. Many tigers have died. The most powerful Tiger ST-13 has been missing since January 2022.

There are many reasons for the death of tigers.  Usually tigers are unable to hunt when they are old.  In such a situation, he dies of hunger and weakness.

Tiger ST – would have been 13, the growing clan
The most powerful Tiger of Sariska was ST-13. It suddenly went missing in January 2022. He didn’t get any clue. Now the Sariska administration has accepted him as dead. No information was made public about whether this tiger was a victim or a natural death. Sariska has suffered the most due to the departure of this tiger. Thanks to Tiger ST-13, 9 cubs came to Sariska. That’s why it was called the most powerful tiger.

Tiger ST-3 died in Sariska: Did not give birth to a single cub, died at the age of 16 and a half years

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