New Delhi, IAS. After the ban of Tiktok in India, another app from China is preparing to wrap up its business. Chinese company ByteDance, which is the parent company of short video making app TikTok, is shutting down its edtech business in India. After the ban on TikTok last year, ByteDance now runs education learning app SnapSalve and music streaming platform Reso in the country. A TechCrunch report, citing sources, said that ByteDance is shutting down its edtech business in India.

According to the report, the EdTech division had given employment to more than three dozen people in India. These people are now being fired from the company. At the same time, ByteDance has not yet commented on the closure of business in India. SnapSalve, on the other hand, says it is the choice of over one million Indian students for doubt-solving and learning. The app helps the students of class 6 to 12 to learn.

Let us inform that SnapSalve is a doubt-solving app that provides instant solution to Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Science doubts and questions from NCERT books. Like Vedantu, Byju’s, Doubtnut, Quesgo, SnapSalve is also a free learning app that emphasizes on building learning experience for kids.

Reports surfaced this year that ByteDance has begun selling the AI ​​technology of the short video-making app to other companies, including in India where the app has been banned. A Financial Times report said that the company has launched a new division called BytePlus and is selling TikTok AI to companies such as India-based social gaming platform GamesApp, US fashion app Goat, Singapore travel site Vigo, Indonesian shopping app Chilibelly .

Significantly, in 2020, the Indian government banned several apps developed by Chinese firms, including TikTok, over concerns that these apps were involved in activities that threatened the country’s national security and defence.

Edited By: Dhyanendra Singh Chauhan