Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Controlling the increasing weight is not easy. For this a major improvement in diet is required. Also daily exercise is necessary. If you are also troubled by increasing weight and want to control, then definitely include quinoa in the diet. According to experts, quinoa is beneficial for health. Its consumption has favorable health effects. Especially, it helps in controlling the increasing weight. Come, know everything about it-


Protein is found in abundance in quinoa. For this quinoa is called a superfood. It contains essential amino acids. This strengthens the muscles and bones. In addition, quinoa also contains fiber, which is helpful in controlling rising cholesterol and sugar. Its consumption reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. For this, definitely include quinoa in the diet.

how much to consume

According to health experts, one or two cups of cooked quinoa can be consumed throughout the day. If there is any problem while eating, then abstain. Especially, if there is a problem with vomiting, nausea, itching etc., then do not consume quinoa. A research by Harvard Public School of Health has revealed that eating a cup of quinoa daily proves beneficial for health. With this, the increasing weight can be controlled easily. However, one must consult a doctor before consuming.

aids in weight control

Protein and fiber are found in abundance in quinoa. Consuming fiber-rich things keeps the stomach full for a long time. Along with this, the habit of eating again and again gets rid of. For this, always consume quinoa at breakfast time. This also accelerates the metabolism. At the same time, the body always remains energetic with protein.

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Edited By: Pravin Kumar