Although while cleaning the skin, we do face wash according to the skin, but is it enough for the face because it is just a way of cleansing. Whereas in dabbling cleansing, we do oil cleansing first and then clean the skin with a soap-free cleanser. By the way, deep cleansing of the skin is done by both these methods. Learn from the experts about the advantages and disadvantages of double cleansing, so that you can take care of your skin properly.

Understand double cleansing

step 1

First of all, the face is cleaned with the help of oil cleanser or micellar water. Both these products are right for the skin, but also break the makeup particles present on the face, due to which the skin becomes clear.


After oil cleansing, it is the turn of water based face cleaning. For this, clean your skin with the help of a soap-free mild face wash and water. By doing this, deep cleaning of your skin takes place. Cleansing your face with the help of herbal cleansing benefits your skin in many ways.

The pores of your skin get completely unclogged, due to which the skin gets cleaned in a better way.

The double cleansing method removes dullness from your skin, as every wash makes your face glow. At the same time, it also removes dead skin cells.

If your skin is acne-prone or oily, then double cleansing method can be adopted for skin cleaning.

Do not forget to clean the skin in a double cleansing method at night as this allows the products to be better absorbed in the skin and the skin gets their benefits.

avoid harm

During double cleansing, we often wash our face excessively, due to which the natural oils of the face are stripped and the skin starts looking more dry.

If you have sensitive skin, then cleaning the face with double cleansing can cause skin irritation or irritation, so try it only once a month.

You will get the benefit of double cleansing only if you choose the product according to your skin.

NoteChoose a cleansing product according to your skin.

(Based on conversation with Bharti Taneja, Beauty Expert at Alps Beauty Clinic, New Delhi)

Pic credit- pexels

Edited By: Priyanka Singh