Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, and Lord Krishna as well as the planet Mercury. The planet Mercury is considered the factor of intelligence. Due to the strong presence of Mercury, a person gets fame, fame and fame in his life. At the same time, when Mercury is weak, the person has headache, skin and neck problems. To please Mercury, one should chant the Mercury planet Shanti Mantra on every Wednesday. By doing this the obstacles related to Mercury from the person’s life are removed. Also, to remove Mercury dosha, do these measures on Wednesday. Let’s know-

Worshiping Mercury, the god of wisdom and prudence, brings wisdom and prudence in a person’s life. Along with this, spiritual consciousness is also awakened.

According to astrologers, to remove the dosha of Mercury, relations with your relatives should be kept sweet. For this, first of all, improve your behavior.

If Mercury dosha is strong then piercing the nose is considered auspicious. For this, once you must contact your nearest Prakand Pandit or Astrologer.

Cow has the status of mother in Sanatan Dharma. By serving cow mother and feeding green grass, Mercury dosha is removed. For this, feed green grass to the cow on Wednesday.

It is believed that by placing a red flag in the east direction of the house, Mercury dosha is removed. For this, put a red flag in the east direction of the house.

To remove the Mercury dosha, chant the mantra “Om Aim Hreem Klein Chamundayai Viche” daily.

Mercury Shanti Planet Mantra

Priyangukalikashyam rupenampratimam budham.

Soumyaam soumyagunopetam tam budham pranamamayham॥

The meaning of this mantra is – Your body is like Nisha, you are dark in color. Shines brighter than your face. You are proficient in all qualities. O Lord of Mercury, salutations to you – save me too.

Edited By: Umanath Singh