Bareilly, Jnn. Today Horoscope Today 21 May 2022 : The sign of Bareilly is Taurus, and the Moon will move through the sign of Shani Dev in Capricorn. According to astrology, the Moon will be occupied in the ninth house today. This house is considered very auspicious. Today people associated with iron, chemical, medical, and education will get special benefits. Also, the people of Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius will remain fully energetic today. On this day, you can buy land, vehicles, chemicals, education, medical items. Today the Moon will make you very energetic for administration. The development plans will move rapidly.

Donate linen items today for financial benefits, light a four-faced lamp of mustard oil in front of Shani Dev, and recite Shani Chalisa. For the relief of disease, remove stone antimony from above you 11 times and bury it in the root of peepal tree, and massage with mustard oil.

Today’s Panchang

Vikrami Samvat – 2078

Shake – 1944

Month – Jyeshtha month, Krishna Paksha

day – saturday

date – sixth date

Nakshatra – Shravan Nakshatra

Yoga – Shukla Yoga till 8:09 am after Brahma Yoga

Karan – Vanij Karan

any auspicious time

Shubh Ka Choghadiya from 7:03 am to 8:45 am

Choghadiya of Chara, Benefit, Amrit from 12:09 to 5:16 in the afternoon

Labh ka Choghadiya from 6:58 pm to 8:15 pm

today’s Horoscope

Sheep- Youth will get opportunities for advancement. Today will be a wonderful day. You can plan a trip anywhere. Salaried people can go to another city in connection with some work. Will take part in social work. You will get respect and prestige. Money related problems will be solved. Don’t spend too much. There will be economic benefits. Business conditions will be good.

Taurus- You can get upset about something. There can be a dispute regarding ancestral property. Will meet a friend. There will be sweetness in the relationship with the spouse. Income will remain good. Today will be a mixed day. Don’t take any kind of risk. Students will benefit. Will get family responsibility, will meet new people. Help the needy.

Gemini- Today you will devote your mind to the worship of the Lord. Some people will benefit from your advice. Work after taking the advice of your spouse. There will be sweetness with relatives. Health will be fine. Today will be a very fruitful day for you. Paused tasks can be completed. Today will be a good day to bring change in routine. You can get new information in the office.

Cancer- Today you can start work on a new project. Will take part in religious functions. Family will get support. Your relations with relatives will be better. Health will be fine. Luck will support you. You may meet an old friend. Have a nice day for lovers. Expenses will be high on unnecessary things. Do not be a part of any controversy. Give up laziness.

Lion- Today will be a normal day, discussions will be held with relatives on important work. The loan amount can be recovered. Do not have confidential discussions with everyone. There will be good news from the child side. Your opinion will prove beneficial to others. Your relationship with your spouse will improve. The marriage of unmarried can be fixed. Health will be fine. A lot of hard work has to be done in the office.

Virgo- You will get support from your friends. You will get the responsibility of completing some social work. You can get good information. Do not take too much stress, your health may worsen. Luck will support you. Today will be a pleasant day. You will be aware of new schemes. You can go for a walk with a friend.

Libra- Today will be a happy day. Your old problem will go away. Health will improve. Business related problems will get solved. You can think about expanding the business. Court cases can go ahead. Will get a chance to work with a new person. New opportunities can be found today. Money will be beneficial. There will be an increase in prestige.

Scorpio- Try to postpone the trip today. Health will improve. You can get offers for investment today. There can be financial gains today. You can make a new plan to increase the business. There will be sweetness in married life. Beware of unfamiliar people. Protect valuables. Avoid outside food. Drive the vehicle carefully.

Sagittarius- Work can be very stressful. You will be serious about fulfilling your responsibility. Take care of health Keep the diet regular. There may be a change in your routine. Today will be a good day for spiritual change. There may be travel for some work. Do not take big decisions without consulting elders. Government works will be completed.

Capricorn- You will have a good day today. You will actively participate in social work. Don’t spend on unnecessary things. You can get to spend a good time with your life partner. Today will be a great day for married people. Will be able to complete office work on time. Taking advice of family members will be beneficial. Students’ mind will be engaged in studies.

Aquarius- Today will be a good day. Everyone will be happy with your behavior. Students will get success. You will get result. Do not travel without essential work. The health of a family member may deteriorate. Luck will support you today. You are getting many new opportunities. There will be progress in business. Serve the elderly.

Pisces- Today you will be full of confidence. Your big problem will be solved. Health will be fine. Students should study more. Career will progress. Can change jobs. Businessmen will gain money. Beware of opponents. You can make a new plan to move the business forward. There will be harmony among people in the family. Everyone will be impressed by you.

Edited By: Ravi Mishra