Today’s life mantra: Always keep in mind, who are the people who give us advice and how

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Story- The name of one wife of Shri Krishna was Satyabhama. Satyabhama’s father was Satrajit. Satrajit was killed in Dwarka by a person named Shatdhanva at the instigation of Akrur and Krit Verma.

Saddened by the death of his father, Satyabhama said to Shri Krishna, ‘I have to avenge my father’s death. You have to kill Shatdhanwa.

When Shatdhanva came to know about this, he got scared and approached Akrur and Krit Verma. Both of them refused to help him. Both said, ‘We provoked you, but we cannot help you, because we are afraid of Krishna.’

Shatdhanva tried very hard to escape, but Shri Krishna killed him. This whole quarrel happened because of a gem named Syamantak. This gem used to give 20 tola every day. Shri Krishna did not get this gem with Shatdhanva, he left it with Akrur.

Akrura was a great ascetic and Shri Krishna called him Kaka. He too ran away because of fear. When Akrur left Dwarka, many problems started coming there. People told Shri Krishna, ‘After Akrur ji’s departure, so many problems are coming here. We should call him back because he is a good person.’

Sri Krishna finds Akrura and brings him again to Dwarka. Shri Krishna said, ‘This whole quarrel is happening because of a gem, if money is in the middle, then a person ends his relationship. Money can be used well and it can also be misused.

Lessons – Here Shri Krishna has given the message that if the property is not ours, it belongs to someone else, then one should not keep a wrong eye on it. If he does not have that property in his possession, then the person starts committing crime to get it. Never do wrong things because of the inspiration of others. Motivation is for good deeds. Akrur and Krit Verma give wrong motivation to Shatdhanva and she kills Satrajit. We must be mindful of who and how are the people who advise us. Learn from Shri Krishna that good people should be around us and if a good person makes a mistake, then definitely give him an opportunity to improve.


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