Today’s Life Mantra: Whenever you want to do some big work, don’t get involved in small things.

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Story In the Ramayana, Hanuman ji was flying towards Lanka, at that time the gods thought that Hanuman ji should be tested whether he would be able to go to Lanka or not.

The gods sent Surasa, the mother of snakes, for this work. Sursa was an elusive demonic. She looked at Hanuman ji and widened her mouth and said, ‘You are my food.’

Hanuman ji says with great humility, ‘I have left for Shri Ram’s work. I should give her information to Sita ji and give the information of Sita ji to Shri Ram. After this work I will come to you, you eat me.’

Sursa did not listen to Hanuman ji and blocked the way. When Sursa made his mouth very big, Hanuman ji became twice as big as him. Then Hanuman ji thought that I am big or this big, no one will ever be able to grow up in this fight. My campaign is to go to Lanka in search of Sita ji. If I fight this time, my energy and my time will be wasted.

Thinking like this, Hanuman ji immediately reduced his size very small and came back after going into Surasa’s mouth. When Surasa saw Hanuman ji coming out, she understood and said, ‘I have come to know that you have intelligence as well as strength. You will definitely achieve the goal.’

Lessons – This incident is teaching us that when there is a big goal, then time and energy should not be wasted in vain things. We should not get bogged down in small obstacles. Hanuman ji has told us that as he remembered his goal in front of Sursa, in the same way we should also meditate on our goal.


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