Today’s positive news: At the age of 78, grandmother started her own startup, said – customers are like their children to me; Granddaughter doing marketing help

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When someone starts a new job, he remembers his grandmother and grandmother to face the challenges of that work. What if this new job is being started by Grandma herself? In today’s positive story, the story is of a grandmother-granddaughter duo, who are crossing the boundaries of age and becoming an example for everyone.

Sheela Bajaj, 78, is an entrepreneur and runs a startup with her 26-year-old granddaughter Yukti Bajaj. By giving a new avatar to the old-fashioned weaving, she is making customized products and doing business of thousands every month.

Read this story of grandmother-granddaughter’s startup…

Childhood skills given the form of startup

Yukti says, ‘Even though I am 26 years old, I can’t sleep until I hear the story from Maa (Grandmother). His words are enough to make me feel secure and to make me feel that everything will be all right. Yukti lost her father in childhood and after some time her mother’s shadow was also snatched from her head.

She says, “I work as a language expert in a firm in Delhi. If the office is far, it used to take time to travel, but due to Corona, there was a lockdown and work from home started. During this time I noticed that my grandmother gets bored alone at home. For her timepass, she works on the things that she learned in childhood. such as sewing and knitting. I thought of providing a platform to this talent of his and created a page on Instagram.

In a phone conversation, her grandmother Sheela says, ‘Earlier, I used to make new things from the old clothes of the house. Sometimes by tearing off the old shirt and making a new handkerchief, sometimes socks for your relatives. I worked in the export business for many years during my youth. When the family settled and the children grew up, I had to leave the job. Then life was cut off in the boundary wall of the house. Now my granddaughter Yukti has got me back on my feet and my old age interest has turned into a startup. Today, I make different types of goods for many people, but all of them are not just customers for me but they are like my children.

Startup started in Corona era

Yukti in November 2020 during lockdown caughtcrafthanded Created a page named after and started posting pictures of different products. In the conversation, Yukti says, ‘This small startup has brought the two of us even closer. Along with working from home, now I can easily manage my Instagram page as well. Initially, we did not get a good response from the people, but we did not lose heart, because this business was not just a means of earning money for us, but it made ourselves ready to face new challenges once again.

The grandma-granddaughter duo is creating everything from bookmarks, children's clothing sets, sweaters, bottles to mug covers, stylish scarves and hairbands.

Sheela is adopting the new trend

Initially, Sheela continued to make cushion covers. Slowly he knew the trend and started making changes in his product. Now she is making many products like bookmarks, children’s clothing sets, sweaters, bottle and mug covers, stylish scarves, hairbands. The special thing is that now they make new designs and customized products by looking at the photos.

Product available for all categories

She says, ‘We started it with the wool kept in the house, because due to the lockdown at that time, we could not even buy wool from anywhere. Today we have some product available for every category, from small to big. Their range is from Rs 250 to Rs 1500. We start work only after taking the order. So that even grandmothers can work comfortably and people can get products on time. Processing of each item takes different time as we are doing everything manually. Some products are made in 2 to 3 days, some take a week too.

How to order?

Describing the process, Yukti says, ‘The grandmother does all the weaving. As soon as we get an order on Instagram, I show the design to Dadi. When they say yes, they approve the order. After this things are made by getting the material. The payment is in place and I go and deliver the order.


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