Today’s story of Jaya Kishori postponed: The system got washed away in 1 hour of rain in Rewari, government machinery engaged in removing water from the pandal

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The Shrimad Bhagwat Katha of Jaya Kishori, a world famous story reader, running in Rewari district of Haryana has been postponed for today. Because the arrangement of the pandal made for the story got washed away in one hour of rain.

About one crore rupees were estimated to be spent in organizing this 7-day story. For this, claims were made by the organizers to make solid arrangements. A water proof tent was put up, but the rain on Wednesday took away all these arrangements. Today’s story has been postponed due to accumulation of water in the pandal.

Government machinery engaged in extracting water

On Wednesday afternoon, it rained for an hour in Rewari city. Due to this, the story site located in Sector-3 was filled with water. To remove the water from the pandal, the administration sent vehicles of the Public Health Department. It will take 8 to 10 hours to drain the water.

Now the organizers are also being questioned about the use of government equipment at the Katha venue, as the entire city is flooded with rain water. In such a situation, people raised questions that there are vehicles to take out water from the pandal, the system of the city has not been improved till date.

At the same time, when the JE of the Public Health Department, who came to draw water in the pandal, was asked, he told that he has arrived on the orders of the SDM to extract water. Wednesday’s story has been postponed. It was informed by the organizers that today’s story will be held on Thursday, in which the passes will be valid only on tomorrow’s date.

Questions are constantly being raised on the organizers

Let us tell you that such a grand story is happening for the first time in Rewari, in which it is estimated that one crore rupees will be spent. The story began with a grand Kalash Yatra on 16 September, in which flowers were showered from a helicopter.

Earlier, an audio of demanding Rs 5100 for the Kalash also went viral, while the fee for the Kalash was kept at Rs 500. Although the organizers had rejected it outright while clarifying on the audio, but amidst the estimate of spending such a huge budget, the arrangement of the pandal in an hour is a big question in itself.

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