New Delhi, Jnn. The common man is troubled by the impact of inflation. From petrol and diesel to vegetables, the prices are touching the sky. Now the rising prices of tomatoes are once again making people red with anger. Alam is that the price of tomato has crossed Rs 100 per kg. According to government data, the retail price has gone up to Rs 120 per kg in some southern states due to excess rains. The retail price of tomato has gone up to Rs 100 per kg in Chennai, Rs 90 per kg in Puducherry, Rs 88 per kg in Bengaluru and Rs 65 per kg in Hyderabad.

When can the price come down?

It is expected that the people of the country can get relief in tomato prices by January-February. According to wholesale vegetable traders, the new tomato crop was planted on October 15, which will take at least three months to be ready. In such a situation, it is expected that the prices of tomatoes may come down by January-February.

Why tomato prices increased

While the rate of tomato remains Rs 20 to 30 per kg in this season, it is selling above Rs 100 per kg. It is being told that most of the tomato supplies are coming from the southern states and due to rains in these states, the crop has suffered a lot. Due to this there has been a jump in the prices of tomatoes. Another reason for this is that the demand for tomatoes has increased due to the wedding season, due to which the prices have increased.

Tomato prices may increase further

Wholesale vegetable traders of Azadpur Mandi have said that if the rain continues in the same way in South India, the prices of tomatoes may increase further. According to the data of 167 centers of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, tomatoes are being sold at Rs 72 per kg in the capital Delhi.

Edited By: Neel Rajput