T.Surya Rao, Bhilai. Due to unseasonal rains, the tomato crop in the fields got damaged, the supply became less than the demand in the market. As a result, last year the price of tomatoes sold at just Rs 10 per kg had reached Rs 80 to Rs 100 this time. However, due to the increase in arrivals after the improvement in the weather, now the price has come down to Rs 50 a kg in the wholesale market, while it is Rs 60 a kg in the retail vegetable market. Still tomatoes are being sold at five times higher price than last year.

Ritesh Tank, president of the Wholesale Vegetable Sellers Association, Durg, said that this time the tomato crop was hit by unseasonal rains that the production was reduced by more than half. Because of this the prices are skyrocketing. In Bangalore, two pieces of tomato is being sold for Rs 18, while in Delhi the price has reached Rs 100 per kg. In Chhattisgarh too, tomato had reached Rs 80 per kg. Tank said that after the increase in arrivals, the price has come down to Rs 50 in the wholesale market. He informed that this time tomato has been cultivated well in the fields of Durg, Dhamdha and Ahiwara in Durg district. It will hit the market next week. After this, the price of tomatoes is expected to decline.

Price increased even more than demand in marriage ceremony

Vegetable seller Supela Mohammad Shabbir said that the era of corona epidemic in the state is almost over. Due to this, marriages have also started taking place. The use of tomato salad in the wedding ceremony and its use in every vegetable has increased both its price and demand. Presently he is selling tomato for Rs 60 per kg. He has bought 50 kg from the wholesale market.

Edited By: Arun Kumar Singh