Too much sleep can also be a symptom of increased sugar level, know about the early symptoms of diabetes related to lifestyle

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Due to the lack of insulin, the blood sugar level in the body increases. In such a situation, here we are telling you about the early signs of diabetes. By noticing this, one can come to know about their disease in the beginning itself.

Symptoms of Diabetes: How do you know if you have diabetes? Most of the initial symptoms are due to higher than normal level of glucose in your blood. In many cases, the early signs may be so mild that you do not notice them. Some people do not know about their disease until they have a serious problem with the disease. In diabetes, there is an effect on the system controlling the process of converting food into energy. Due to lack of insulin, the blood sugar level in the body increases. We are telling about the early signs of this disease.By noticing this one can come to know about their disease in the beginning.

Detect diabetes in this way, your body gives these signs. Early Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

1. Hunger and Fatigue

Symptoms like hunger and fatigue can be seen in diabetes. Actually, our body converts food into glucose which cells use for energy. But cells need insulin to take up glucose. If the body doesn’t make enough insulin, glucose can’t get into them. This leads to a lack of energy and a person feels hungry and more tired than usual.

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2. Frequent urination and thirst

The average person usually has to urinate four to seven times in 24 hours, but the number is higher in people with diabetes. The person suffering from this may feel very thirsty.

3. Poor wound healing

High blood sugar can affect your blood flow. This can cause nerve damage and make it difficult for the body to heal wounds. In such a situation, the risk of many more infections also remains.

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4. Weight Loss

Rapid loss of weight is also one of the early symptoms of diabetes. If anyone’s weight is decreasing rapidly without any reason, then one should immediately go to the doctor. When the body does not get glucose for energy, it tries to meet its energy demand in other ways, which leads to weight loss.

5. excessive sleepiness

In diabetes, even after taking full sleep, one feels tired and sleepy. Actually, the carbohydrates in the body of people suffering from this disease do not break properly. Due to this the body does not get the energy from food completely. Due to lack of energy, there is a feeling of exhaustion in the body. Get more sleep than this.

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