Tremendous encounter between the diver and the shark, the mouth of the shark collided with the diver’s head, as soon as it started biting…

IndiaTremendous encounter between the diver and the shark, the mouth of the...
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A close encounter between a diver and a shark was captured in a video. The clip shows a shark banging its head on a diver. The horrifying encounter has gone viral on the internet.

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The caption of the video posted on Twitter by Audley Terrifying reads, “A scary encounter between a diver and a shark in poor visibility conditions.”

The diver was lucky to escape death from an attack by a great white shark that nearly bit off his head. It is shown in the clip that the man’s head collided with the mouth of a swimming shark. The divers were unaware of the shark’s presence due to low visibility.

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According to WA Today, the footage first appeared on the social media page Video of SA Spearfishing and Young Bloods Inc (an Australian ocean adventure group) in December 2017.

Watch Video:

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The video was posted on Twitter and has been viewed more than 2 lakh times so far. One user commented, “Imagine the amount of anxiety floating to the surface after that conversation!”

Another user wrote, “Don’t run if you find a shark in the water! Keep your eye on it the whole time. Always keep an eye on it, and if you have a sharp object in your hand, take it.” Go out there and be ready to defend yourself.”

A third user wrote, “Probably bad visibility for us…the shark had controlled that situation 1 km away.”

A fourth wrote, “You’re right, if a great white shark spawned 3 feet in front of me and bumped into my head, I would definitely find it weirdly terrifying.”

According to WA Today, the video was shot by the diver’s son, who is also a diver.

Disclaimer: NDTV cannot verify the authenticity of the video

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