TRS leader beats up toll workers in Telangana, VIDEO: Leaders furious for demanding fees at toll plazas; also vandalized

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A video of two TRS leaders assaulting a toll plaza in Telangana has surfaced. According to the news agency, the incident took place on Wednesday morning at Shadnagar toll plaza in Telangana, where the toll staff asked the TRS leader to pay the toll fee, he got angry and started arguing with the employees there. The dispute escalated so much that TRS leaders started beating up the toll workers.

The employees alleged that the toll has also been vandalised. In this case, the police has registered a complaint from both the parties. The leader has been identified as the sarpanch of Nasrulabad.

Shamshabad DCP R Jagadishwar Reddy said that cases have been registered against both the parties, as both had complained. Action will be initiated against those who attack and vandalize toll plazas.

The assault was captured on video CCTV
The video of the assault at Shadnagar toll plaza was captured in CCTV. It can be seen in the CCTV that a car stops at the toll plaza, where the toll workers have some conversation with the people sitting in the car. After that some people from the car come out and after an argument start a scuffle. After a while some more employees of the toll plaza come. After this the fight escalates.

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