New Delhi, Tech Desk. Twitter has rolled out a new feature that lets you share posts with a limited number of members of your choice. This feature is similar to the close friend feature of Instagram, where users select certain users to form a group, who will get to see your posts exclusively. Twitter Circles is a new way to choose who can see and engage with your Tweets

The new Twitter Circles feature will let you add up to 150 people to a Twitter circle and share certain tweets to this group only. Note that only people in the group will be able to see, reply to, and interact with the Tweets you’ve shared here. Twitter claims that this feature allows you to build better, deeper relationships with your followers without leaving the option of talking to everyone on the timeline.

The new Twitter Circle feature is now rolling out to all users. People in your group will see a green badge under Tweets sent to the group. Also, these tweets cannot be retweeted.

Let us tell you that Twitter began testing Twitter Circle with a limited number of people on iOS, Android and the web in May 2022. Twitter claims that after successful testing, the feature is being rolled out to everyone globally.

To create a Twitter circle, go to the Tweet compose box. If you’re using the web client, there’s an ‘All’ drop-down option in the top left. After selecting this option, you will see a Twitter circle option with an edit button. You can select that button to add or remove people.

Similarly, on the iOS or Android Twitter app, select the Compose Tweet option. Now on the top left, you will see a ‘Public’ option, select it and click on the Twitter circle. Users can add or remove people with the edit button and with the edit button.

Edited By: Ankita Pandey