Two children died due to falling in the pool: Mother was taking bath in the bathroom, two young sons playing in the courtyard fell into the pool, both died

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Two brothers playing in the courtyard of the house died due to drowning. The mother was in the bathroom during the accident and the father had gone to work. When the mother looked for the sons, she could not find them. Going into the hood, he saw the dead bodies of both the sons were floating. The matter is of Deshnok police station area at around 11 am on Thursday. According to the information, Shivlal himself had gone to work at six o’clock in the morning. In the morning his wife went to bathe and came back, two sons Vishnu (2 and a half years old) and Hariom (one and a half years) were not seen. After searching here and there for a long time, his eyes fell on the pool built in the courtyard of the house, which was open. When I looked inside, my mother’s heart sat down. The bodies of both the children were floating in the water. When he called the neighbors, the children were taken out. Seeing the dead body of the children, the mother became unconscious. Shivlal was called by the neighbors only. The children were immediately taken to the hospital, where they were declared brought dead. The children stayed in this pool for a long time, in which case they died. After the incident, the police also reached the spot. The police have taken possession and sent them to the hospital for post-mortem.

accident due to negligence
Actually, this accident happened due to negligence. There is a pond in the courtyard of the house itself. There is a gate to the hood but it was lying open. In such a situation, two and a half year old children reached there playing. One after the other both fell into this cistern.
crowd in front of house
After getting information about the incident, a crowd has gathered in front of Shivlal’s house in the town. Shivlal had only two sons and both of them died in this painful accident. Mother is being raised by sprinkling water again and again, while father Shivlal himself is roaming here and there like a mischief.

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