Tyagi stood on the dharna even in the rain – Brahmin society: The protest is going on for 29 days in support of Anu, wife of Shrikant Tyagi at Meerut commissionerate

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The Tyagi Bhumihar Brahmin Samaj Morcha’s sit-in is going on in the rain in Meerut’s Chaudhary Charan Singh Park. Thursday is the 29th day of the dharna. It has been raining for the last four days. But even after that, Tyagi and Brahmin society are continuously dharna for 24 hours. The people of Tyagi society say that the fight is with the government. There is no point in ending the strike until the demand is met.

Will teach a lesson to the government

Police put gangster on Shrikant Tyagi, who was sent to jail in Noida for indecency with a woman. The shops were demolished by a bulldozer. Srikanth’s wife Anu Tyagi was illegally detained and tortured. At the same time, the police also misbehaved with the relatives of Anu Tyagi.

Tyagi and Brahmin Samaj under the leadership of Tyagi Samaj leader Mangeram Tyagi have been staging a sit-in since August 25. Where Mangeram Tyagi says that he will teach the government a lesson. The government should be ready to face its consequences in the municipal elections for two months.

This movement will be heavy

Addressing the dharna, Kuldeep Tyagi and Dev Tyagi said that this movement will cost the government heavily. Tyagi and Brahmin society is not so weak. As much as the government understands. The treatment done to our daughter Anu will definitely be avenged. Even in the rain, the Tyagi society is fighting a fight for its rights. Pradeep Tyagi, Amit Tyagi, Rajesh Tyagi, Himanshu Tyagi, Manoj Tyagi, Mahendra Tyagi, Amit Tyagi, KP Tyagi and others were present.

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