Sanjay Mishra, Udaipur: After its brainstorming of Udaipur Chintan Shivir, the Congress seems to be coming to the conclusion that merely making a political attack on the BJP is not enough for the party’s political comeback. For this it is also inevitable to challenge the regional parties in the states where these parties have snatched their political ground. It is the result of the realization in the brainstorming among the top leaders of the party that the Congress, which is running on the centrist national stream, has decided to increase the inclination towards the politics of social justice for the future. With the help of issues like quota in women’s reservation quota and reservation in party organization with changed stand on caste census in Udaipur Chintan Shivir, aggressive bets of politics of social justice have now made clear the intentions to fight this challenge directly. Targeting the ideological hollowness of regional parties, Rahul Gandhi has also given a clear message of Congress moving on this path.

Congress seems to be accepting the reality

The interest of OBC and SC-ST sections has always been in the priority list in the agenda of the Congress, which is doing politics of centrist national stream. This also came to the fore in the form of steps like MNREGA, Food Security Act, Right to Education and 27 per cent reservation in higher educational institutions as per the Mandal Commission’s recommendations during the 10-year rule of the UPA government. But the Congress was never vocal about it. Perhaps that is why during the meeting, the party came to the conclusion that as long as the political flag of social justice remains in the hands of regional parties, its political relevance will not be restored in important states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand. The Congress may not accept this thing directly, but the meaning of the messages emanating from the Chintan meeting is clear that the party seems to be ready to accept the reality that the BJP has now made that point where at least 30 to 35 Percentage vote will remain with him in all circumstances.

Only by challenging the BJP will not work

In the current stream of political discourse, the BJP is setting the direction of the electoral narrative. In such a situation, merely challenging the BJP in the political arena will not work, the Congress will have to challenge the supremacy of the regional parties. Leaving the decades-old politics of Tamil Nadu as an exception, only six big states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal and Maharashtra have a total of 224 Lok Sabha seats and in these states the Congress lost its ground to regional parties. It’s over In the current Lok Sabha, out of these 224, the Congress has only six seats and also has a large vote bank that determines the politics of social justice in these states. It is clear that the Congress is seeing an opportunity to regain its political ground to a great extent by giving a tough competition to the regional parties with the help of the politics of social justice in these states.

Rahul Gandhi’s attack on regional parties

This changed political current of the party was clearly indicated by Rahul Gandhi in his address to the Chintan Shivir, when he accused the regional parties of being bound by caste boundaries and termed them as hollow on ideological grounds. Whereas this reality cannot be ignored that RJD and Lalu Prasad in Bihar, Mulayam Singh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh and now Akhilesh Yadav have been opposing the politics of BJP on ideological grounds. Mamta Banerjee was a part of BJP-NDA at one time, but from this point of view, Congress is running the government today along with Shiv Sena, the oldest ally of BJP in Maharashtra.

Edited By: Praveen Prasad Singh