Mumbai, PTI. Smartphones universal authenticator: The Aadhaar regulator is working on a big plan from the Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI). So that users’ smartphone can be used as Universal Authenticator. Currently, fingerprints, Irish scan and one-time password (OTP) are used for authentication. But soon the authentication process can be completed from the smartphone.

Simply put, users now have to scan fingerprints or eyes to take advantage of facilities like ration and pension. But soon the smartphone can be used in its place. For this, UIDAI is working to develop your smartphone like Universal Authentication.

work will be completed soon

If UIDAI is to be believed, then work is being done rapidly in this direction. In such a situation, we hope that soon this smartphone will be developed as a universal authenticator. After this, people will not have to make rounds of offices or any other government institution to take advantage of government facilities. Aadhar card holder person will be able to verify the Aadhar card virtually from the smartphone by sitting at home.

Where will you be able to use the smartphone as an authenticator?

  • bank account opening
  • In making ration card and taking ration
  • Getting a new mobile connection
  • to make pension
  • to make dll
  • in pan linking

Authenticator will be made for 800 million smartphones

At present, there are a total of 120 crore mobile connections. Out of this, 800 million smartphones can be used for authenticators. However, in this case no additional information has been shared about how the smartphone can be used for authentication.

Aadhaar security became a hindrance

However, security can become a major obstacle in the direction of making smartphones an Aadhaar authenticator. Aadhaar is linked to Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) schemes. This has helped in preventing fraud of about Rs 2 lakh crore. Aadhaar number is increasingly being used for KYC updates by the banking and telecom industry. About 70 crore population of the country and more than half of the bank accounts are linked with Aadhaar. Whereas for 3 crore pension accounts, an amount of 10 crores is allotted only after Aadhaar verification.

Edited By: Saurabh Verma