Washington, Agency : The war between Russia and Ukraine is getting longer. While Russia is taking most of Ukraine under its control, Kyiv is trying its best to defend itself. Ukraine has detained several people on suspicion of spying for Russia. Ukraine’s security service said on Tuesday that several people, including senior government officials and businessmen, had been detained on suspicion of being members of a Russian spy network. However, he did not reveal the names of those detained.

The two Americans held hostage in Donsk

Two American citizens held hostage in Ukraine are being held in Donsk under Russian influence. If the Interfax report turns out to be true, then Andy and Alexander could be falsely accused. Prior to this, British citizens have been sentenced to be imprisoned for waging war. Russia, however, said it did not know where the two were kept. A Kremlin spokesman said the two were terrorists who were not protected under the Geneva Convention.

Britain warns of more sanctions on Russia

Britain’s Foreign Minister Liz Truss has said her country will impose further sanctions on Moscow until the complete withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine. He said Britain is committed to providing Ukraine with more weapons and pushing Russia back.

900 teachers joined the Ukrainian army

According to the news agency IANS, Ukraine’s Education Minister Sherhi Shkarlet has said that more than 900 teachers from his country have joined the army since the Russian attack. Yukryinska Pravda in its report quoted the minister as saying that 513 teachers who joined the army are fully trained, while more than 377 were training to become teachers.

Heavy bombing continues in eastern Ukraine

Despite a lot of effort, Russia has not yet been able to completely occupy eastern Ukraine. To capture this area, he has intensified the bombardment with full force. Sherhi Hydari, governor of the Luhansk region, said, ‘Everything is burning.’ After weeks of fighting, Russia has failed to capture the Azot chemical plant in Svyrodonsk, where more than 500 Ukrainians are taking refuge.

Edited By: Deepak Yadav