Uma said – It is wrong to trample Nupur’s photo with shoes: only then slogans come out – Will enter the house from where Afzal will come out and kill him

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Uma Bharti. Age 63 years. Dress, saffron. Cleanliness is what it is known for. These days they are on the streets of MP. Against the prohibition of alcohol. Wants some changes in the new liquor policy. In protest, sometimes throwing stones at liquor shops and sometimes cow dung.

From prohibition of liquor to contesting elections in 2024 and even Yogi-Shivraj, asked questions and answers to Uma. He spoke freely. Read and watch this interview.

I was telling Shivraj ji for one and a half years, but did not tell anyone….

Question: Why are you so aggressive these days? Throwing stones at liquor shops. Throwing cow dung. Flags are being taken down. With whom are you angry? Do you want to give any message to CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan?

Uma: There is no need to convey a message because we talk. When the lockdown was lifted, so many people gathered at the liquor shop in UP that they had to lathi-charge. I told Yogi ji that you have a chance. Do not open the shops of prohibited places. So there will be no need to close it separately.

That’s what I went to speak to Shivraj ji because I am very comfortable with him. I said, brother, I will come to the office today and talk. I went to Vallabh Bhavan. Otherwise, he comes home or I go to his house. I said look, the best opportunity has come in your hands. Try to open at least liquor shops. Try it first, don’t open it. He said good. I see.

Then in the middle I got information that a new liquor policy is coming. But she didn’t. So I thought my amendments to the new liquor policy would be taken. I was shocked when my amendments were not taken.

Because four or five things of the policy implemented here are very wrong. For example, drinking alcohol in the premises and opening the premises in the laborer’s settlement. In our country, it is a crime to drive under the influence of alcohol, so when someone comes out drunk in the compound, he will go home after driving the car. So we ourselves are committing crimes.

In MP a man can take 11 bottles home. Desi started selling in foreign and foreign in foreign. Even if there are enclosures, the number of liquor shops directly reached 18 thousand.

Question: From your words, it seems that you are not in favor of prohibition, but the liquor policy of MP is not good, you are not getting the support of the government in what you want?

Uma: It is not that I am not in favor of prohibition. If my bus goes, then I should do complete prohibition of alcohol. But I have been explained its disqualifications. We failed in Haryana, Andhra. There is a ban in Gujarat-Bihar. I have to say that the population of Bihar is more than that of MP. There are more people than us below the poverty line. They are short of revenue. Still he dared. For MP, I said that at least keep the respect of women so much that the yards running in the market should be closed.

Question: Does this mean that your aggression has no political meaning?

Uma: It is completely social. There was a time in 1996 that the BJP had also withdrawn from the temple movement, but I did not. When Ashok Singhal and Ramchandra Das Paramhans ji sat on fast in Ayodhya, I also went to Ayodhya.

Atal ji did not stop me. I said, you can take my resignation if you want, he said, no. Come on, this is a matter of your personal faith. Alcohol is also a social subject for me. I am not against the government. I am against alcohol.

Question: Panchayat elections are going on in MP, in which the government has also implemented OBC reservation. How do you see OBC reservation and how will the result of Panchayat elections affect the 2023 assembly elections?

Uma: In 1996, when Deve Gowda ji was the Prime Minister, there was a proposal for 33% reservation for women, against which I was the first to stand up. Later it was withdrawn.

I have always been in favor of reservation. Even in my mind there should be reservation in private sector like government jobs. And in this, the upper castes of the poor section also got 10 percent reservation.

Question: What will be its effect on Panchayat elections?

Uma: Congress is over in MP. He has committed suicide. He had a diamond Jyotiraditya ji. He had cleared the dust of ours i.e. BJP in Gwalior. We got only two assembly seats.
He was humiliated so much and Digvijay Singh ji and Kamal Nath ji laughed so much that they had no way to save their identity. Today Congress does not even have any campaigner. Kamal Nath ji is not able to work hard. Wherever Digvijay Singh ji goes, votes get reduced.

Question: There are elections in MP next year. When it comes to politics here, the eyes are fixed on you somewhere. Like you said that I have taken a break from politics, so has this break ended and in 2023 you want to join politics from MP. contest elections?

Uma: Politics is not just about contesting elections. Even without MLA-MP my politics is going on. I will never leave politics. I will definitely contest the 2024 elections. In 2023, I will do whatever contribution can be made from my side for MP.

Question: If we look at the 2024 elections, do you want to contest the Lok Sabha elections from MP or from UP?

Uma: You should ask this question to BJP whether you will contest Uma Bharti in 2024 and if you will fight then from where will you fight. Only the National President has the authority to answer this question.

Question, Do you have any wish?
Uma: I can contest elections from anywhere in UP, MP and Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is my favorite state and Jodhpur is my favorite city.

Question, Ganga cleaning has been your very favorite subject. What is the status of Ganga cleaning right now and are the concerns about Ganga politically more about giving a political message than social, especially on the cleanliness of Ganga?

UmaThe campaign for Ganga has been going on for years. The Ganges became dirty due to the chemicals that came from civilisation, industrialization and fertilizers on the banks of the Ganges. Modi ji has corrected this.

When Ganga became the minister, we had differences on Aviralta. Because I had to say that release water according to what has been recommended by the consortium of Seven IITs. We will compensate the state from the center for the damage caused by the power projects that will be closed due to this.

I had given an affidavit in the court that power projects would not be set up on Ganga. Whereas it was decided that we would give an affidavit in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Environment. Now by giving my affidavit, it has become the property of the court. Changing it means creating a new problem again. So my department was changed.

However, now the scientist’s report has come about the Ganges that the water quality of the Ganges has improved. Because some STPs became functional.

Question: Yamuna is also very dirty. He didn’t care. Is the talk of Ganga because of its religious and political significance?

Uma: It’s not like this. Ganga means Ganga and Yamuna. It is called Ganga only in speaking. The plan is made for both.

Question: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said that finding a temple in every mosque is wrong. Do you agree with this opinion?

Uma: The concept of Jihad is at the core of Islam. They almost do not believe in the existence of other religions. As Christians, they consider a person of other religion to be ignorant and considers it their ultimate duty to impart knowledge to him.

It is not so in Islam. There is also the concept of Kafir. For all these reasons, the invaders destroyed many temples. According to this, what Bhagwat ji says is correct, because there will be no end to it.

But in 1991, when the bill came for Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi, then the Ayodhya matter was in the court. It was in the bill that except Ayodhya, the rest should be kept in the status of 1947. That thing is not applicable to Mathura, Kashi.

I was made the first spokesperson of the party on that bill and I had said in 1991 itself that along with Ayodhya, also add Kashi-Mathura to it. Because the mosques in Mathura-Kashi and Ayodhya are ordinary mosques of Muslims. But Hindus have the same places of faith as Mecca and Medina are for Muslims.

Therefore, if you consider them to be common places, then there will be peace. Otherwise it will raise its head again someday. And see what is happening. We do not comment on what Mohan Bhagwat ji said. We see the Sangh Pramukh in the place of God. The report of the survey is with the court. He will deliver the verdict. I wish to see the temple being built there.

Question: Do you personally feel that extreme religiosity or extreme nationalism creates voices of protest in the society?

Uma: No. What is extremism? There is extremism that you wish that PoK will be ours. I read that the house from which Afzal will come out, he will enter that house and kill him… Why did this come out because how many Afzal will kill you, every house will leave Afzal… this slogan was raised. So extremists are everywhere. Both Hindu and Muslim parties have to be liberal.

Islam also has to be reformative. Otherwise they will say how many Afzal will you kill, Afzal will come out of every house, so elements will start being prepared here that you will enter every house and kill you, from where Afzal will emerge. That’s why we should openly condemn bad things.

The party took the right action against Nupur Sharma. Because his statement was against the policy of the party. An FIR has been registered against Nupur. They are domineering. are lioness. But hanging his effigy, his photo was trampled with shoes.

Owaisi should have condemned it immediately. All Muslim leaders should have condemned that this is against the tehzeeb of Islam. From these actions again such slogans come out that, from where Afzal will emerge, he will enter that house and kill him.

Question, How do you see the scope of work of both Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath?

Uma: The circumstances of both are different. We are in power in MP since 2003. Even 6 years have not been completed in UP. MP has been a peaceful state. Decent politics took place here. Here the only challenge before Shivraj ji was to fulfill the promises well and maintain the continuity of the government. His role in this was huge and he ran the government very well.

Yogi has to face such a situation that the administration itself was divided into SP-BSP. Congress, BJP had ceased to exist in the state. There was no political correctness among the people. Getting that culture right was a big challenge. It was also necessary to drive a bulldozer there.

Question, Who is your favorite between Yogi Adityanath and Shivraj Singh Chouhan?

Uma: I can’t say that. Because the circumstances of both are different.

Question: Do you still have the pain of being removed from the post of Chief Minister?
Uma : I was not fired, rather I resigned. Never even wanted to become CM again. To stop me, the MLA lay down in front of the train.

Question: You had a struggle to bring the government in MP and then you are saying that I have resigned on my own volition?

Uma : I am not saying this, it is a fact.

Question: So what were the circumstances in which you had to resign?

Uma: Designed because of the tricolor. I loved the pride of the tricolor. We are people who die for the country.

Question: You kept raising voices of protest against the prohibition of liquor. What did you do when you yourself were the CM? What changes do you want to see in the new policy?

Uma: I broke the back of the mafia. Not demanding a complete ban from Shivraj ji too, but what is the problem in implementing the revised policy. Our policy should be that how least people drink alcohol. We have adopted a policy that how more and more people drink alcohol.

When senior BJP leaders agree with me, I cannot understand why Shivraj ji is not agreeing. You should ask this question to Shivraj ji only.

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