UN warns Taliban, Afghanistan’s condition may worsen if women are isolated

WorldUN warns Taliban, Afghanistan's condition may worsen if women are isolated
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Ever since the Taliban came under the rule of Afghanistan, new restrictions are being imposed on women in the country day by day. He is facing opposition from all over the world regarding this. Recently, a UN delegation visited Afghanistan to review the deteriorating situation in the country. After the tour, the delegation issued a warning to the country’s de facto rulers that the isolation of women would lead to the isolation of the entire nation.

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The delegation urged the international community to support Afghan women, especially in view of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the country, according to a report in news agency Dawn. In addition, UN legal experts view the lack of rule of law and judicial independence in Afghanistan as a human rights catastrophe. He called for immediate support for the Afghan people, noting the extreme exclusion of women from the legal system.

The recent UN delegation that visited Kabul included high-level officials. The delegation includes Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed, UN Women’s Executive Director Sima Bahous, and UN Assistant Secretary-General for Political, Peacebuilding and Peace Operations Khaled Khyari. The delegation, which included two senior Muslim women from the UN system and a Muslim man, aimed to send a message to Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers.

UN will share the situation with other countries

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The UN will share its observations and suggestions with all member states, which may influence international policies towards Afghanistan. The delegation met with Taliban leaders in Kabul and Kandahar to express their concern over recent rules that prevent women from attending school or work. The delegation’s leader, Amina, said that recent restrictions on women’s rights in Afghanistan confine them to their homes, violate their rights and deprive communities of their services. He said that Afghanistan is isolating itself in the midst of a humanitarian crisis and action must be taken to stop it.

During the visit, the delegation met with affected communities, aid workers, civil society and other key people in Kabul, Kandahar and Herat. He noted the resilience of Afghan women and their determination not to be ousted from public life. The leader of the delegation, Bahous, a representative of UN Women, said that the current situation in Afghanistan is a serious crisis for women’s rights and a call to action for the international community. UN Women has said that she supports Afghan women and will continue to raise their voices for their rights. So far, it is not clear whether this delegation will force the Taliban to change its policies.

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