Dialogue Associate, Mahendragarh: Haryana Central University Educational Association, in accordance with the notification issued by the University Grants Commission, has invited the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Submitted a memorandum to Tankeshwar Kumar. This memorandum is related to the statement made by the Education Minister in the past, in which the period of PhD has been extended by one year, giving exemption from the requirement of PhD for appointment to the posts of Assistant Professors in universities. It is evident that according to the University Grants Commission (Maintenance of Standards for the Appointment of Teachers and Staff in Universities and Colleges) Act, 2018, PhD degree will be made mandatory from July 1, 2021 for direct recruitment to the posts of assistant professors in universities. was given. Which the University Grants Commission has issued a notification to extend it till July 1, 2022 in the light of the instructions of the Ministry of Education. Now non-PhD holders will also get the benefit of this extension. In this regard, the All India National Educational Federation had apprised the country’s Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan that due to the problems of Kovid-19, the research of many researchers has been hampered, due to which their research work has also been delayed and the degree has also been received. has been delayed. In view of this acute crisis, the Union had appealed to the Ministry of Education keeping in mind the interests of all the researchers and applicants, accepting which the Minister had announced to extend this period for one year and very soon its notification was also Issued by the University Grants Commission. Haryana Central University Educational Association expresses its thanks to the Ministry of Education for this prompt action. On Wednesday, the Haryana Central University Unit of the Educational Association submitted a memorandum to the Vice-Chancellor that this relaxation should also be included in the posts currently advertised by the university, so that non-PhD applicants can get this benefit. In this regard, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar assured of appropriate action and assured that the University Grants Commission notification will be implemented by the University. The office bearers of Haryana Central University Teachers Association expressed their gratitude to the Vice Chancellor for his positive efforts.

Edited By: Jagran